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Conditions We Treat

What is Cardiothoracic Surgery?

Cardiothoracic surgery is a medical specialty that deals with the surgical treatment of conditions affecting organs inside the chest, including the heart, lungs, and great blood vessels. It is a complex and demanding area of surgery that requires a high level of expertise and skill from the surgical team.


Cardiothoracic surgeons perform a range of procedures, including coronary artery bypass surgery, valve replacement or repair, removal of lung tumors, and surgery for congenital heart conditions. These procedures can be performed using traditional open surgical techniques, or minimally invasive methods, such as endoscopic or robotic-assisted surgery.


The goal of cardiothoracic surgery is to treat diseases or conditions that are affecting the organs inside the chest, improve the patient's quality of life, and reduce symptoms and the risk of future complications.

Lung Conditions

* Video Assisted Thoracoscopic Surgery (VATS) and Minimally Invasive Keyhole Technique are techniques used  in 90% of our thoracic surgery cases.

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